Key to Heart of Maui Chakra Grid
This grid is the holographic representation of an energy pattern created through intuition, dream and divine
guidance to be used as a
Heart Chakra Healing &
Chakra Balancing Grid. 

Information on
placements and
mineral properties
are found below.
By adding a crystal
or mineral of your
own choosing the
number of stones
represented will
total 44.  Even
without the
addition of a
personal stone, the
holographic properties
of this grid allow using a
pendulum to answer questions
relating to chakra balancing.  Please
feel welcome to print and use this page.  For direction on using a pendulum please go to  Pendulums.

Crystals, minerals and gemstones, when placed in certain geometric patterns, produce unified energy fields called “grids”. These systems create an energy vortex resulting in higher octaves of energy produced within them. These grids act at meeting grounds between this planet and other energetic dimensions, opening a communication link for accessing healing energies. and knowledge from many realms of existence. Each “grid” creates an energy mandala or light pattern that facilitates a spiritual and healing experience. In time you will discover why you may have been drawn to this particular grid.

In the beginning the intention of this grid was to display the Heartstones we have available.  Soon through vision, dream and intuition it became what you see today. The reasons for much of what we were guided to do came long after the photo was taken.   The inexplicable missing stone left only 43 in the outer circle, means that by placing your own stone you can complete the grid using your own intuition and person intentions. The placement of the Tangerine Quartz Tabby and Kunzite allows you to energetically decide when you are ready to use this grid. The turning of the hearts toward the center adds healing energy to the grid. Use your own intuition in deciding how to best use this grid. 
1. AMETHYST DRUSY-Natural cluster of points covered with tiny natural amethyst points. Amethyst opens, activates crown chakra. Balances mental, physical, emotional energies while dealing simultaneously with physical and spiritual world. Directing love to the structure of amethyst increases the magnitude of energy sent and returned. Also known as Spirit Quartz. 6th, 7th, All Chakras.
2. CRAZY LACE AGATE-42mm Heart. Brings spiritual energy into earth plane. Clears hara line of energy blockages. Stabilizes and grounds while elevating awareness. Helps one to center, focus. Assists in removing emotional pain. 1st, 7th Chakras. 
3. BRAZILIAN AGATE-42mm Heart. Moves energy from head to feet. Grounds spiritual awareness of life purpose into action, creating spiritual presence in daily life. Stabilizes emotions, calms, centers yet energizes. Tones, strengthens body, mind. Provides protection for body while astral traveling. 1st Chakra.
4. HEMATITE-42mm Heart. Hematite oxygenates blood providing energy boost. Connects light body to Earth body. Embodies spiritual energies in tangible form. Offers divine perspective and deeper understanding of Earth’s ever changing nature. Defends and protects while inner resources are gathered Helpful in relieving stress from jet lag when placed under feet. Good stone for those who are “spacey” and need grounding. All Chakras, primarily 1st.
5. TIGER IRON-42mm Heart. Blend of Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Black Hematite. Pulses strong currents of electricity into body. Strengthens nerves, immune functions, blood circulation. Accelerates, enhances all healing functions Assists in manifestation of dreams, ideas, project. Helps eliminate survival fears. Enhances clarity of mind, alertness, strength, courage and willpower. Physically oriented. 1st, 2nd 3rd Chakras.
6. BLOODSTONE-42mm Heart. Provides connection between root and heart chakras. Powerful physical healer. Strengthens heart, spleen, bone marrow. Aids in eliminating iron deficiencies. Stone of courage and physical, emotional, spiritual renewal. Enhances creative efforts and decision making processes. Supports harmony, adaptability, strength. Aids revitalization of love, relationships, friendships. 1st thru 4th Chakras.
7. RED JASPER-42mm Heart. Jasper brings all chakras into alignment. Powerful healer, primarily of physical body. Strengthens liver, gallbladder, bladder. Used more for regeneration than malfunction. Assists in regulating iron, sulfur, zinc and manganese. Provides sweeping, clearing of dysfunctional, and negative energies. Red Jasper brings new and fresh ideas to holder. Associated with rebirth. Balances yin-yang energies, aligns physical, emotional, spiritual bodies with etheric bodies. 1st, 2nd, 5th, All Chakras.
10. YELLOW JASPER-42mm Heart. Jasper acts as supreme nurturer and holds solar energy that provides connection with solar plexus. Yellow Jasper offers reminders of support by others who send loving energy toward our physical manifestation. Reminder of ability to bring joy to self, celebrating isolation while assisting others in releasing bonds of constraint. Provides protection during both physical and spiritual travel. 4th Chakra. 
13. SERPENTINE-42mm Heart. Stimulates crown chakra. Opens Kundalini pathway, easing energy passage. Can be used to clear clouded areas of all chakras. Enhances meditative state. Assists in clearing disorders in all areas of body, when energy is directed there. Also called “New Jade”. 4th All Chakras.
16. BLUE CALCITE-42mm Heart. Calcite in general balances male/female polarities, dispels fear, alleviates stress, grounds excess energy, assists in organization. Blue Calcite enhances communication, expressing creativity. 5th Chakra.

17. BLUE LACE AGATE-42mm Heart. Aids in gently opening and expanding consciousness. Assists those shy or hesitant in expressing themselves to come forward, creating harmony in their lives and environment. Calms anger, relieves stress. Encourages patience, peace, honesty. 5th, 6th Chakras.

18. SODALITE-42mm Heart. Calms, clears, grounds. Balances male/female polarities. Enhances creative expression, encourages speaking one’s truth. Opens third eye. Similar in effect to Lapis Lazuli. 5th, 6th Chakras.
19. LAPIS LAZULI-42mm Heart. Clears brow, throat chakras, provides for unification of all chakras. Stimulates clarity of responsiveness in self-expression. Awakens one to the perfection of self. Enhances feelings of serenity. Balances yin-yang energies. Placed over third eye aids insight into dream forces working to provide counsel during altered states. 5th, 6th Chakras. 

20. AMETHYST-42mm Heart. Allows activation of energy that aligns energy bodies. Brings, helps to maintain calm and peacefulness. Provides clear connection between the earthplane and other worlds. Great meditation stone. Sometimes called “the headache stone”. Assists in overcoming addictions. 6th, 7th Chakras. 

21. PURPLE FLUORITE-42mm Heart. All Fluorite stabilizes mental, emotional, physical, spiritual systems. Brings order to chaos, allows unbiased, impartial reasoning where help-ful. Great “organization” stone. Purple Fluorite used to prepare one for physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual healing, bringing order to same. Often used to soften energy, dissolve blocks between chakras. 6th, 7th Chakras. 
25. ROSE QUARTZ-Regular Grade-60mm Heart. Milkier in appearance than premium Rose Quartz. See #12 for properties. 4th , All Chakras.

26. LEPIDOLITE -50mm Heart. Strengthens heart, opens crown chakra allowing for flowering of inner blue lotus. Encourages transformation to energies of universal hope, light and acceptance. Assists transition through situations of variability. Restructures, reorganizes old patterns. Beneficial to with those transitioning from one lifetime to another, those working with same. Often called the “love” stone. 4th thru 7th Chakras.

27. CITRINE-25mm Heart. Heals, opens, detoxifies, clears, protects emotional, mental, physical bodies. Fills aura with light and clarity. Promotes alignment with higher self. Raises self esteem. Encourages lightheartedness, self confidence, optimism, diminishes self-destructive tendencies. Assists in attracting, maintaining wealth. Trans-mutes energy from negative to positive. Never needs clearing. 3rd, 7th, All Chakras.

28. PURPLE MOOKITE-20mm Heart. Mookaite is a Jasper with many of the qualities of #7 above. In addition, Purple Mookaite is an emotional protector, stimulates fortifies immune system. 4th, 7th, All Chakras.
22. WHITE HOWLITE-42mm Heart. Supports attributes that are building blocks to spirituality, Facilitates reaching towards one’s goals and eliminating hesitation in action. Encourages empathy, forgiveness and tact. 7th Chakra.

23. SNOW QUARTZ -42 mm Heart. Also called Quartzite. Enhances ability to maintain cooperation and tact. Not considered as efficient as clear quartz in directing energy, but supportive while “learning life’s lessons” by offering insight into unnecessary limitations. 7th Chakra.
29. CITRINE-Natural Point.-2” X 1 ½”. Natural points can be used effectively to channel, direct energy. For meditation purposes hold a higher chakra natural point in the receiving hand with point directed toward heart while holding a more grounding or lower chakra stone or crystal in giving hand pointed toward earth. Wearing a citrine point near the solar plexus can be comforting and energizing when feeling vulnerable or weary. 3rd, 7th , All Chakras.

30. YELLOW MOOKAITE-20mm Heart. Mookaite is a Jasper with many of qualities of # 10 above. In addition, Yellow Mookite assists with decision making, physical protection during travel, eases disorders of stomach. 3rd Chakra.

31. CITRINE-25mm Heart-3rd, 7th Chakras. Please see # 29 above for properties.

32. GREEN AVENTURINE-50mm Heart. A protector, helps resolve and heal past hurts and angers on deep emotional level. Soothing Please see #13. 1st, 4th Chakra. 

33. ROSE QUARTZ-50mm Heart. Please see #12 for properties.
34. QUARTZ-Tangerine Tabular Cluster -3”x2”x1”. Tabby create bridge between groups individuals, dimension. Clusters are very effective at sending energy in all directions and particularly good at working with groups. This stone has been program med to be self-clearing 1st Chakra for small amount of hematite that gives tangerine tint, 7th because the quartz is very clear and crown chakra activating. See special notes on this crystal in Heart Chakra Healing Grid History. 1st, 7th , All Chakras.

35. PINK KUNZITE-Small Mass approx. 1 ½” x 1” x ¾”. Offers powerful energy field for opening, strengthening, protecting healing the heart. Aligns heart chakra with throat chakra and third eye, Assists in removing obstacles in ones path and provides direction in attaining desired results. Allows surrender to higher self. Balances emotional, spiritual physical realms. Connects one to universal sense of love. Dissolves negativity. In meditation provides centering. In this grid it has been directed to open its energy field to infinity allowing all who feel its presence to benefit from its energy. Do this by focusing on your desired intentions. 4th Chakra.

36. QUARTZ CRYSTAL-Lemurian Tabular.-Approx 6 ½” x 1 ½” x 1”. Lemurians are said to hold information about techniques used in healing temples of Lemuria, Atlantis and other planets. Rubbing fingernail in a downward motion across the notches opens these files for those who are intended to receive this information. Closure is attained by rubbing the fingernail upward across the notches. Tabbies can be used to activate other crystals. This is done by holding tabby in dominant hand and rubbing across notches in downward motion while stone to be activated is held in other hand. See Addt’l Notes in History. All Chakras.
38. QUARTZ W/TANZANITE DT -1 ½” x ¼” x ¼”. Combines properties of Quartz listed above with those of Tanzanite. Stimulates crown chakra to produce visions of, connection to higher spiritual realms. Produces symmetry of personal power and actualization, brings “will” to manifestation. 5th, 6th, 7th Chakras.

39. AQUA AURA (QUARTZ/GOLD) DT-1 ½” x ¼” x ¼”. Combines properties of Quartz listed above with those of Gold. Purifies, energizes physical body. Balances, develops heart chakra. Attracts positive energy, amplifies thought forms. Combination has been called the “Master Healer”. Melody notes that combination of gold/quartz can be dynamic. Aqua Aura is noted for cleansing and soothing the aura, activating all chakras and releasing negativity, as well as activating energy of other minerals for healing. See Addt’l Notes in History. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Chakras.

40. OPAL AURA (QUARTZ/PLATINUM) DT-1 ¾” x 3/8” x 3/8”. Combines prop-erties of Quartz listed above with those of Platinum. Balances centers and meridians of physical body, aligns physical with etheric body, adjusts polarity to provide optimum health. Encourages accomplishment, completion, allows accessing inner light within, blossoming of spirit. Activates cellular memory of state of perfection, assists in dis-spelling disorder. Platinum used for healing of eyes. Considered a meditation stone. See Addt’l Notes in History. Cleanses, activates 4th, 7th All Chakras. 

41. QUARTZ W/TANZANITE HEART-25mm. Combines properties of Quartz listed above with those of Tanzanite. Please see # 38 above..

42. AQUA AURA HEART-25mm. Combines properties of Quartz listed above with those of Gold. Please see # 39 above.

43. OPAL AURA HEART-25mm. Combines properties of Quartz listed above with those of Platinum. Please see #40 above.

44. THIS GRID was designed by guidance so that by adding your own personal stone the total # of stones will be 44. Forty Four is a Master Number indicating balance between spiritual and physical and the reconfiguring of our evolutionary labyrinth-as above, so below. Life path 44 is that of the alchemist. Use this vibration and this grid to create magic for yourself and others. The holographic properties of this grid even without additional stone are such that grid can be use this in helping to determine best stones for each chakra.

A. This piece (#34) came in an unusual way. When returning to my booth space at a local craft fair I decided to take a detour causing me to pass my friend Reggie’s wonderful display of crystals. I felt impelled to get back to my own unattended space, but this pretty little piece caught my eye. After greeting my friend, I cautiously asked the price, thinking of the change left over after paying the booth fee. I quickly made my purchase, happily greeted my new stone friend and then hurried back to my own space. My neighbor Glenna was so excited about this pretty little gem that she jumped up and down and hugged me saying wonderful things. While putting the grid together I had asked for spiritual guidance and everything seemed to be leading in that direction. It wasn’t until the next morning when I was guided by a dream to look at the cluster more carefully and realized the significance of this particular stone. A “tabby” can be held over a piece of kunzite (the piece to the right) and turned clockwise finishing with the point of the tabby touching the kunzite to activate heart chakra opening. Focusing on this will assist you in using that energy for your own use when using this particular grid. See #34 and #35.

B. Guided to place the stones in the grid so that the tabby cluster and kunzite are not actually touching, I was told that those using this grid would be able to visualize this for themselves when they are ready to receive the energy of this special grouping. “Accidentally” one of the original stones was left out. Doing this caused the number of stones pictured to total 43. We soon realized that anyone activate this grid for their own personal intentions by adding their own personal stone, thus creating a total of 44 stones. Choose your stone by intuition, dream or vision. Feel welcome to share this grid with anyone you feel may enjoy or benefit from it. 

C. The last six pieces of the grid (#38-43) are Quartz combined with three significant minerals-Tanzanite, Gold and Platinum. The top three are naturally double terminated quartz w/gold, w/tanzanite, w/platinum. The bottom three are heart-shaped premium clear Quartz w/gold, w/tanzanite, w/platinum. Hesitant to offer Aqua Aura for sale at our local crafters booth, as the process involves infusing these elements by placing the minerals and metals together in a vacuum I was surprised to find that it sells faster than any other stone we offer and we have since found that it is listed as a master healer in Melodie’s Love is in the Earth.

Many who are energy sensitive are drawn to Aqua Aura, Opal Aura and Quartz/Tanzanite find them very useful in activating and clearing other stones and in healing, meditation and dream work, respectively. The piezoelectric properties of quartz allow the gold or other metals to completely permeate the quartz. In Aqua Aura gold acts as a super conductor and runs the energy through the quartz three times faster than it normally would. Many feel a slight buzz when placing the termination points between the thumb and third finger of their dominant hand.

D. All quartz crystals and gemstones are naturally balanced solid state energy fields. At their most basic level they are transmitters of light. The atoms that make up minerals and all matter in the universe are in constant motion. This affects the shape of and energetic property of each stone. Quartz is known as “the Mother of all stones”. All stones fall into categories or families under the heading of Quartz.

Quartz consists primarily of silicon dioxide. Our bodies and the Earth also contain a high amount of silicon dioxide. Our bodies are responsive to the energetic properties in quartz because these similarities allow for the communication and transfer of energy between them, assisting in removing blockages in energy flow. The chakras assist in directing this energy.

Holding or wearing a piece of quartz allows the piezoelectric vibration of the stone, your body and the earth to come into balance by allowing all three to connect creating a “tune-up” effect. Using quartz and other minerals in combination with Reiki, nutritional therapy, massage, hypnosis and other healing modalities can enhance their effectiveness.

When the six faces of a quartz join together to form a point a termination has been created. The termination point is significant because of the symmetry and because the flow of energy is directed toward the point. When both ends of the crystal join in this fashion a double-terminated or DT crystal has been born. DT’s emanate, as well as draw energy through both ends, are considered very effective for meditation, dream work, and astral projection. They offer protection from mental and physical harm, dissolve stagnant energy, clear and open chakra centers and are multi-functional in their work with all chakras. 
8. CARNELIAN-42mm Heart. Opens the heart, aligns physical and etheric bodies. Powerful physical healer. Aids tissue regeneration. Energizes blood, supports kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Increases energy, personal power, creativity and compassion. Enhances attunement w/inner self. . Protects against fear, envy, rage. Helps to banish sorrow Pink Carnelian encourages love within, between family members. Sometimes called the “ohana stone”. 1st thru 5th Chakras.
9. GOLDEN TIGER EYE-42mm Heart. Synthesizes energies of Sun and Earth offering grounding and centering effect.. Enhances connection with personal power, will and self confidence. Balances male/female polarities. Helps soften stubbornness. Enhances clear perception and insight. Assists in stimulating and maintaining wealth. Good mediation stones in working with groups. Offers sense of “brother/sisterhood” with world at large, Provides sense of comfort for those working in isolation. 3rd, 4th Chakras.
11. HONEY/GOLDEN CALCITE-42mm Heart. Calcites used at appropriate chakra for that color provides sweeping action that clears all chakras. An energy amplifier, its’ effects are multi-dimensional. Assists in re-membering natural state of perfection that allows release of dis-ease. Fosters humanitarian world view and appreciation of creative forces of nature. 7th, 4th, All Chakras.
12. ROSE QUARTZ-42mm Heart. Aids development of love, forgiveness and compassion, including same directed toward self. Reduces stress, tension, allows for release of stored anger, jealousy, fear, guilt. Enhances self confidence, creativity. Eases sexual, emotional imbalances, increases fertility. 4th Chakra. 
14. GREEN AVENTURINE-42mm Heart. Activates and clears heart chakra. Offers protectiveness. Purifies mental, emotional, etheric bodies. Brings one’s alignment to center. Strengthens blood, stimulates muscle tissue. Enhances tranquility, positive attitude toward life. Reinforces decisiveness, encourages leadership. 4th Chakra.
15. AMAZONITE-42mm Heart. Soothes nervous system, Strengthens heart and physical body. Aligns mental and etheric bodies. Brings joy to creativity. Assists in seeing harmful tendencies, releasing old patterns. Considered a good stone for artists, writers, musicians, public speakers. 3rd, 4th, 5th Chakras.
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24. ROSE QUARTZ-Premium Madagascar-85mm Heart. Called gem quality or crystalline, Premium Rose Quartz is clearer than regular grade and considered to have stronger and clearer energy than regular grades. Please see # 12 for properties. 4th , All Chakras.
37. LASER LEMURIAN CRYSTAL-8” x 1” x 1”. Once used in healing temples of Lemuria, their unusual markings indicate records of “things that have been”. Contains information on healing methodologies used throughout the universe for eons of time. Laser energy is extremely focused and can be used to dispel negativity, create barriers and beam healing energy to the self or others. To create barriers allow the energy to flow around so that the auric field is not harmed. Protecting the self is done by directing the energy to surround the physical body. Advanced healing practices use laser energy to open chakras, remove attitudes, feelings and attachments that cause imbalance or dis-ease. Those desiring to use laser wands are encouraged to consult a teacher or more advanced sources of knowledge of its use. All Chakras. 
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & InformationHeart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & InformationHeart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
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