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GOLD-Color ranges from golden yellow, silver-white and orange-red.  Crystallizes in masses, grains, flakes, dendritic forms, plates, nuggets, occasionally in crystal form. Used  to open, activate third eye and crown chakras.  Clears negativity for chakras and emotional, intellectual, spiritual bodies.  Transfers vitality of any mineral to affected areas, stabilizes influence of same.  Used for purification, balancing of heart chakra, amplification of thought forms.  Produces energy of co-operation and receptiveness making it ideal for work with other gemstones.

GOSHENITE-Colorless beryl that forms in prismatic crystals.  Opens, activates crown chakra bringing light, hope grace and loving energy to user.  Reprogram karma by offering understanding of past life pain manifested in this lifetime allowing for release and healing.  Facilitates creativity, originality, excellent for stabilizing relationships.  7th Chakra



HELIODOR-Golden yellow beryl that forms in prismatic crystals.   Activates third chakra, center of personal power and intellect and seventh chakra bringing intuition and consciousness to higher level.  Aids in balancing sustained changes and energy expansion.  Soothes those exhausted from long term healing and emotional release work.  Heliodor can be used in protective mode during cold and flu season to beam purification around contaminated objects.  Used in treatment of liver, spleen and pancreas.  

HEMATITE--Shiny when polished, metallic silver grey, very heavy due to high iron content. Oxygenates blood providing energy boost.  Connects light body to Earth body.  Embodies spiritual energies in tangible form.  Offers divine perspective and deeper understanding of Earth’s ever changing nature.  Defends, protects while inner resources are gathered    Helpful in relieving stress from jet lag when placed under feet. Good stone for those who are “spacey” and need grounding.  All Chakras, mostly 1st.

HEMIMORPHITE--Crystallizes in form of fan-shaped aggregates, in masses, stalactites, tabular striated crystals and botryoidal configurations.  Colors include colorless, white, blue, green, grey.   Hemimorphite provides symmetry between physical plane and emotional, intellectual and astral plane, allowing growth on all planes simultaneously.  Allows recognition of methods that enable one to fully know oneself and reach highest potential.  Assists in self transformation, personal evolution and maintaining or regaining health.  Encourages development of inner strength, resources while living a joyous and creative life.  Relieves feelings of anger and hostility.  Used to understand, utilize powerful ancient healing techniques.  Used in treatment of blood and cellular disorders, to soothe ulcers, reduce pain.  Provides support for dieting, body maintenance.  3rd, 4th, 6th, Chakras for blue, other chakras according to color.   

HERKIMER DIAMOND, CLEAR-Unique formation of quartz crystallized in short, very clear double terminated prisms found in upstate Herkimer, PA in USA.  Delicately harmonizing, encourages spontaneity recognition and appreciation of ‘being’ more important than recognition of ‘self’.  Allows strength through surrender..  Attunes one with another person, environment or activity.  Can be used in healing situations to attune client and practitioner by holding together before session.  Used by couples or groups to attune to each other.  Stimulates clairvoyance and telepathy.  Excellent as healing or token of love gifts.  Alleviates tension by calming outer, physical bodies.   Useful for those working near radiation and release of toxins stored in cells. All Chakras.


HIDDENITE-lime green or yellow variety of Kunzite or Spodumene crystallizing in flat prismatic shapes or masses.  Detoxifies physical body of emotional pain, heals disease resulting from repressed emotions.  Assists connection with emotion and releasing fear, promotes compassion and reaching out to others for help.  Can provide insight when diagnosing ailments of physical body.  4th Chakra. 

HOWLITE--White nodules, compact masses, tabular crystals.,  Supports attributes that are building blocks to spirituality,   Facilitates reaching towards one’s goals and eliminating hesitation in action.  Calms communication encourages emotional communication, empathy, forgiveness and tact. Useful in balancing calcium levels in treatment for teeth, bones, soft tissues.  4th, 7th Chakra.

IOLITE-Forms in masses, grains, short prismatic crystals colors including blue, brown, yellow, dark violet, grey and green.  An important stone for use in third eye/crown area during healing, in guided meditation and during astral travel.  It is important to use intuitive information in placing stone for most effectiveness.  Opens, heightens, expands psychic awareness.  Enhances curiosity, creativity. Iolite balances male/female energies and eliminates discord and disruption in relationships as well as in personal aspects.  Used for elimination of debts and facilitate acceptance of responsibility leading to excellence in management of money.  Said to enable consumption of alcohol without effect.  Also used to lessen fatty deposits in body and to rid body of toxins and to reduce fever.  6th Chakra, others depending on color.

JADE-- Forms in masses, grains, crystals in colors listed under varieties of Jadeite,  Transvaal Jade and Nephrite.  Called the ‘dream stone’ Jade enhances remembering and dream solving, releasing suppressed emotions through the dream process.  Jade assists in bringing beautiful visions to reality.  It is said to bring a long and fruitful life and easy transition to next world.  Jade promotes balancing needs of day, allowing one to recognize what is important to ones well-being.  Used for disorders of heart, hips, kidneys, spleen.  As a elixir can be used smooth the skin and stimulate health of hair.  Jade occurs in forms of Jadeite, Transvaal Jade and Nephrite.  YELLOW Please see each separately for colors, forms.  4th  Chakra, others depending on color.   

JADEITE-Forms in grains, masses, rare prismatic crystals in translucent green (Imperial Jade), opaque green (light to deep), mauve, lavender, white, brown, red, orange, yellow, grey, black, blue green or green with white or light green traceries or white with green veining.  Jadeite  brings realization of potential and dreams.  Used by Mayan and Aztec culture as stone of magic bringing fruition and protection. Unites and improves dysfunctional relationships.  Jadeite assists  repair of cellular and skeletal structures, diminishes and relieves cramps  and is used to treat disorders of male reproductive organs.  

JASPER--Opaque often patterned or banded, Jasper is a  Chalcedony that comes in many, many colors.  All Jasper acts as supreme nurturer and holds solar energy providing connection with solar plexus.  Many commonly used ones are listed here.  3rd  Chakra, other depending on colors. 

JASPER, LEOPARD SKIN--brown and  orange, connects one to ‘living library’ of knowledge of all peoples who came to colonize Earth and life on this planet since then.  2nd Chakra,

JASPER, ORBICULAR-marked with many small circles in many colors.  Used to support pursuits of service by accepting responsibility and increasing patience.  Facilitates circular breathing during meditation.  Improves digestive process and assist in release in toxins.  stone 1st, 2nd, 3rd Chakras and others depending on colors of stone.  

JASPER, PICTURE--Color combinations include hues of brown, tan, black, blue, ivory.  Considered an ‘Earth” stone working for the redemption and cleansing of the planet.  Stimulates creative vision and enables understanding of advanced civilizations.  Assists in bringing hidden thoughts, grief’s , fears, hopes forward.  Stimulates immune system.  Assists in treatment of skin and kidneys.  Primarily 5th, 6th Chakras. 

JASPER, RAINFOREST --Mottled green, grey.  Balances male/female energies.  Aids resolution, perseverance.  Eases communication blocks allowing user to not distort message one is hearing.  As a jasper brings joy, healing, protection.  Represents change, variety, progress.  Enhances self-realization, self-respect, ability to love.  3rd, 4th, 5th Chakras.

JASPER, RED--Opaque reddish brown, sometimes with cream striping. Pulses strong currents of electricity into body.  Strengthens nerves, immune functions, blood circulation.  Accelerates, enhances all healing functions   Assists in manifestation of dreams, ideas, project.  Helps eliminate survival fears.   Enhances clarity of mind, alertness, strength, courage, willpower.  Balances sexuality in relationships, promote compatibility. Balances menstrual cycles, aids ovulation, alleviates cramps.  1st, 2nd 3rd Chakras. 

JASPER, POPPY SEED--Opaque black, brown with pink inclusions.  Brings joy, protects, boosts energy needed to face challenging situations, beaks up physical impediment. Encourages motivation, inspiration, enhances energy to act.  1st, 2nd, 4th Chakras.

JASPER, YELLOW--.Provides protection during both physical and spiritual travel.  Reminders us of support by others who send loving energy toward our physical self. Reminds us of ability to bring joy to self, celebrating isolation while assisting others in releasing bonds of constraint Protects those who’s life path is vulnerable.  Aids those who are accident prone or clumsy.  Good stone for children.  2nd, 3rd Chakras. 

KUNZITE--Pink variety of Spodumene, crystallizes in flat prisms,    Offers powerful energy field for opening, strengthening, protecting healing the heart.  Aligns heart chakra with throat chakra and third eye.  Assists in removing obstacles in ones path and provides direction in attaining desired results.   Allows surrender to higher self.  Balances emotional, spiritual physical realms.  Connects one to universal sense of love.  Dissolves negativity.  In meditation provides centering.  In this grid it has been directed to open its energy field to infinity allowing all who feel its presence to benefit from its energy.  Do this by focusing on your desired intentions.  4th Chakra.



LABRADORITE--Also called Spectrolite.  Light to dark opaque grey with blue or rainbow colored flash or “fire” visible on polished stone.  Clears, balances aura,  Brings galactic energies into Earth plane.  Encourages use of inner messages in physical realm. Assists in ‘progression’ while energizing through of connection with sun energy.  Brings clarity in determining what necessary to achieve destiny in this lifetime.  Enhances faith and self-reliance.  Similar to moonstone, but with a higher hematite content providing grounding.  Excellent when used as a pendulum in determining source of illness.  Reduces anxiety, stress.  Treats disorders of brain, eyes. Assists digestion, regulation of metabolism.   

LAPIS LAZULI- Opaque blue, either solid or with mica flecks. Crystallizes in masses, cubes and dodecahedrons. Afghani usually contains pyrite, Chilean contains calcite..  Clears brow, throat chakras, provides for unification of all chakras.  Heals old traumas and prevents negative thought patterns from becoming karmic patterns. Enhances concentration.   Stimulates clarity of responsiveness in self-expression.  Stimulates courage.  Awakens one to the perfection of self.  Enhances feelings of serenity.  Balances yin-yang energies.  Assists with tasks requiring organization. Placed over third eye aids insight into dreams and counsel provided.   Often worn with Rose Quartz or Amethyst to soften it effects. 5th, 6th Chakras.

LARIMAR-Form of Pectolite available in masses, radial groupings.  Found in Dominican Republic, Larimar  ranges from blue, green, red, sometimes chatoyant.  Activates heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.  Assists in release of self imposed constraints allowing freedom from materialism, unwanted entities for one’s environment.  Inspires calm certainty.  Opens creativity, encourages expression.  Helps soul mates find and recognize each other, stabilizes new relationships between same.  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th  

LEPIDOLITE--Forms in masses, plate-like layers, tabular and prismatic crystals. Opaque light to dark purple, yellow, grey, colorless and white. Strengthens heart, opens crown chakra allowing for flowering of inner blue lotus.  Encourages transformation to energies of universal hope, light and acceptance.  Assists transition through situations of variability.  Restructures, reorganizes old patterns.  Beneficial to with those transitioning from one lifetime to another, those working with same. PURPLE, YELLOW  4th, 5th, 6th,  thru 7th Chakras.


MALACHITE--Opaque light to dark green, with striped and/or bull’s-eye patterns.  Forms in masses, tufts, rosettes, crusts, fibrous layered structures,
Clears, activates all chakras, stimulating to throat, heart chakra.  Assists in situations that allow and lead to spiritual transformation.  Malachite is an equalizer and balancer.  Allows understanding and acceptance of responsibilities before action is taken.  Represents fidelity in love and friendship, loyalty and responsibility in business partnerships.  Used in treatment of asthma, arthritis, swollen joints, tumors, broken bones, torn muscles, dispels vertigo. Enhances immune system, eases birth process, protects against radiation.  Only polished should be used as elixir.  Initiates deep cleansing and best used in small doses. 4th, 5th, All Chakras. 

MOLDAVITE-a tektite found in Czechoslovakia during meteorite action over 15 million years ago that is deep olive green in color.  Allows direct interdimensional access  to higher dimensional galactic energies.  Stimulates co-operation between those of extra-terrestrial origin and those on Earth.  Allows one to see more clearly and expand sense of vision. Works well at the third eye, throat chakra,  and crown chakra.  Combined use with Sugilite, Celestite, Aquamarine,  Diamond, Lapis and Opal producing overwhelming healing capacities.  Inner quiet characterizes this stone.  Fragile, should not be cleansed with salt.  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, All Chakras 

MOOKAITE--Opaque combinations of yellow, purple, cream combinations ranging from solid to combined stripes or swirls.  Mookaite is a Jasper having many of the qualities of Jasper-strengthening, healing, protection on a physical level.  Great for massage work and travel stone.

MOOKAITE, PURPLE--Jasper often found in Australia. Purple Mookaite is an emotional protector, stimulates fortifies immune system. 4th, 7th, All Chakras.

MOOKAITE, YELLOW-- A Jasper often found in Australia. Yellow Mookaite assists with decision-making, physical protection during travel, eases disorders of stomach.   3rd Chakra.    

MOONSTONE-chatoyant white, blue, grey or peach with milky sheen variety of feldspar, see individual colors below.  Cleanses negativity from chakras, enhancing feminine aspects on one’s nature encouraging nurturing and compassion for others.  Balancing, reflective and lunar, assists with changing structures of life.  Allows attunement to rhythm of biological forces and utilization of natural rhythms of body, as well as regeneration and balance. after depletion.   Used for protection during travel.  Alleviates degenerative conditions  of hair, eyes, skin.  Facilitates ease in childbirth, increases fertility, ameliorates change of life and PMS conditions.  Can be worn, carried or used as an elixir.  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, All Chakras depending on color. See following descriptions

MOONSTONE, BLUE-assists with communication with pets, people, animals and plant divas, Goddesses, spirit guides and angels.  Encourages self-blessing and psychic healing.  5th Chakra

MOONSTONE, GREY-aids visualization, meditation, guided and shamanic journeys.  Increases ability to focus on one’s path. 6th Chakra.

MOONSTONE, PEACH OR PINK-heals heart by fostering spiritual, psychic opening and emotional healing.  Aids in easing self-criticism, fostering gentleness, acceptance and openness. 4th Chakra

MOONSTONE, WHITE-soothes, heals emotions, mind, aids spiritual growth, heals astral body.  Regulates menstrual, fertility cycles, supports connection to Goddesses and moon.  7th, All Chakras.



NEPHRITE-Form of Jade comprised of Jade and Actinolite.  Found in masses, botryoidal configurations and dreikanters (triangular nuggets polished, shaped by wind and sands).  Colors include olive green, green-grey, spinach, apple, light green and brown-green, tan, black, cream, blue-grey and pink.  

OBSIDIAN-Lustrous volcanic glass.  Color range includes black, brown, blue, grey, green, purple, red, rainbow, silver sheen and snowflake.  Carrying or wearing Obsidian is considered protective and shielding from physical, emotional harm.  Offers blunt answers, allows inner vision to offer clear courses of action.  All chakras depending on colors.  See following.

OBSIDIAN, BLACK-- comes in various forms of black, black/clear, black/smokey, and occasionally black/green or violet.  The spherical shape formed from volcanic glass is called Apache tear, considered to be tears of those mourning loss of Native American warriors.  Used to comfort in time of grief, it allows for insight into cause of distress giving cause for insight and acceptance.  Stimulates creativity, spontaneity and removal of attitudes that are self-limiting.  All chakras, primarily 1st. 

OBSIDIAN, MAHOGANY--combination of red-brown and black.  Stimulates physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual growth, provides strength. Eliminates energy blockages, assists in fulfillment of life aspirations, release of tension. Promotes stewardship, activism, environmentalism.  1st Chakra.

OBSIDIAN, SILVER SHEEN--Opaque silvery sheen black..  Mirror to souls, allows seeing self as others see you. Sometimes discomforting, but always useful.  Protects physically during astral travel assuring return home.1st, 6th, 7th Chakras.

OBSIDIAN, SNOWFLAKE--Opaque black with inclusion of phenocryst that when polished appear as snowflakes.  Increases awareness of past lives, awareness of soul continuation. Assists past life regression, understanding healing karmic patterns,  1st, 6th, 7th  Chakras.

OBSIDIAN, RAINBOW-Black luster with visible rings of purple, green when polished in spherical shape. Brings light and love into one’s life.  Used for karmic healing and releasing damage from past.  1st, 4th, 7th Chakras.

OKENITE-White blade-like crystals, fibrous masses resembling fuzzy snowballs. Usually white, sometimes yellow, light blue.  Said to enhance connection with lightbody, earthgrid and intergalactic grid.  Purifies chakras.  Initiates, actualizes protects from harshness of truthfulness.  Clears obstacles in one’s pathways.  Brings recognition of karmic debt and understanding of current circumstances.  Decreases debilities related to aging.  Stimulates flow of blood, , enhances mammary glands.  Elixir often used to treat eruptions.  7th Chakra

ONYX--Form of chalcedony found in layers in colors of black, black/white, red/white, honey or brown/white.  Initiates centering, alignment with higher powers.  Used to banish grief, enhance self control, stimulate wise decision making, Allows absorption of energy.  Assists those following path alone by promoting awareness of personal strengths, reality of moment.  Allows one to see duality and yin-yang of bigger picture. Used for treatment of disorders to  bone marrow, soft tissue, feet.  1st Chakra, others depending on colors. 

OPAL-crystallizes in masses, occasionally stalactites.  Color variations include pink, black, blue, deep blue, beige, grey, brown, orange-red,. Those variety encourage gentle vitality and alignment with spiritual self.  Intrinsic qualities of all opals are amplification of attributes, encouraging striving toward better self.  Enhances spontaneity and creativity, while releasing inhibition.  Instills loyalty in love, friendship, business relationships.   Used to dispel infections, purify blood and kidneys, regulate insulin, alleviate fever, clarify eyesight, aid recovery from Parkinson’s, ease childbirth pains.  Used by Native Americans in vision quest, Aboriginals in dreamtime.  All Chakras.

OPAL, ANDEAN-Swirling pink, black, beige or blue.  Activates heart chakra, while grounding, centering.  Offers protection on spiritual journeys.  Opens throat chakra, enhances, encourages creativity, expression of repressed emotion.  Soothes throat, voice.  Used for treatment of heart, thymus, lungs. Ameliorates water retention, muscular swelling, spinal alignment.  4th, 5th Chakras.  

OPAL, BLUE-also called Girasol, color ranges from blue-white to deep blue, jelly type is from Canada.  Enhances vision, opens third eye, provides clear reflection of concerns and solutions.  Stimulates communication, encouraging vocalization of that which requires courage and recognition of whom to share information with. Opens communication between people,  pets and people, psychics and guides.  Promotes empathy.  Soothes throat, opens, calms voice.  Balances metabolism, assimilates iron, treats fatigue and hair loss.  5th, 6th Chakras.   

OPAL, COMMON-color range includes white, green, grey-black, purple, brown, colorless and contains no ‘fire’.  Increases ability to earn, retain money.  Aligns chakras and balances male-female energies,  stimulates proper flow of energy. 7th Chakra, All Chakras depending on color.  

OPAL, FIRE-orange to red contains spectral of ‘fire’. Conducive to mystery, variety, change.  Allows one to look within and reflect on facets of one’s life.  Adds clarity to intuitive and reflective processes.  Provides energy at times that otherwise might result in burn ’out’.  Brings hope, faith.  Used as stimulation in triple warmer acupressure point techniques, stimulates circulation.  Encourages healthy expression of sexuality, aids in leaving battering relationships, healing trauma of past abuse.  1st, 2nd, 7th Chakra

OPAL AURA--Translucent iridescent white sheen.  Combines properties of Quartz listed above with those of Platinum.  Balances centers, meridians of physical body with etheric body, Adjusts polarity to provide optimum health.  Encourages accomplishment, completion, allows accessing inner light within, blossoming of spirit. Activates cellular memory of state of perfection, assists in dis-spelling disorder. Platinum used for healing of eyes.  Considered a meditation stone.  Cleanses, activates 4th, 7th All Chakras. 

PEARL--product of sea or fresh water oyster.  Opaque with translucent sheen, pinkish, bluish, yellow, black to grayish.  Symbolic of purity, innocence, faith, loyalty.  Enhances personal integrity, clears mind to allow clear channel for wisdom, spiritual guidance.  Allows one to see self as others do.  Calms, soothes emotions.  ‘Stone’ of sincerity, loyalty.  Used in treatment of digestive disorders, to reduce bloating, to increase fertility and  ease childbirth. 7th, other Chakras depending on color.  

PERIDOT--forms in masses, grains, prismatic crystals, sometimes flattened.  Translucent light to olive green, also known as Olivine.  Other colors include red, ochre, green-brown, honey yellow.  Stimulates heart and solar plexus,  brings openness, acceptance to matters of love and relationship.  Assists in “rebirthing” and removing negative energies that prevent  moving forward.  Stimulates tissue regeneration.  Used for prosperity openness, growth.  Provides shield of protection and should be removed before aligning or balancing chakras with stones of other colors.  Wearing after alignment prevents outside influences from temporarily affecting alignment and balancing.  2nd, 3rd, 4th Chakras.

PETRIFIED WOOD--considered a Fossil

PIPESTONE--Also called Catlinite

PYRITE--Metallic silver/gold often referred to as ‘Fool’s Gold’. --Increases physical stamina, stimulating intellect.  Ideal for creating focus, assisting logic memory and dispelling scatteredness and absent-mindedness.  Good grounding, meditation stone. Said to attract  money. 1st, 3rd, 7th All Chakras

QUARTZ-- as silicon dioxide forms in masses, grains, druses and prismatic 6 sided crystals.  Sometimes called Rock Crystal.   Recognized as a ‘stone of power’ it is historically  recognized for its amplification, focusing, storage of information, transference and transformation abilities.  
     All quartz crystals and gemstones are naturally balanced solid state energy fields. At their most basic level they are transmitters of light. The atoms that make up minerals and all matter in the universe are in constant motion.  This affects the shape of and energetic property of each stone.
       Because our bodies and the Earth also contain a high amount of silicon dioxide AND are responsive to the energetic properties in quartz, these similarities allow for the communication and transfer of energy between all three and assist in removal in blockages in energy flow.  The chakras assist in directing this energy. Holding or wearing a piece of quartz allows the piezoelectric vibration of the stone, your body and the earth to come into balance by allowing all three to connect creating a “tune-up” effect.  
      Using quartz and other minerals in combination with Reiki, nutritional therapy, massage, hypnosis and other healing modalities can enhance their effectiveness Quartz is known as “the Mother of all stones”.
      Clear or Snow Quartz, Amethyst; Citrine, Rose Quartz, and Smokey Quartz are know as the “Five Quartzes”.  Each of these have above plus additional properties based on the mineral content giving it an enhanced color.  Properties of each are found at the listing for the common name.


QUARTZ, CLEAR--Also known as Rock Crystal.  Found in masses, clusters, single and double terminations. Found worldwide with the exception of the Hawai’ian islands as geological foundations of land is volcanic in origin.    Fills aura and chakras with light, clears negativity at all levels, protects from negativity, detoxifies aura, promotes, intensifies spiritual expansion, aids emotional stability physical, spiritual and emotional, speeds healing.


QUARTZ, LEMURIAN.  Once used in healing temples of Lemuria, their unusual markings indicate records of “things that have been”.  Contains information on healing methodologies used throughout the universe for eons of time.  Laser energy is extremely focused and can be used to dispel negativity, create barriers and beam healing energy to the self or others.  To create barriers allow the energy to flow around so that the auric field is not harmed.  Directing the energy to surround the physical body protecting the self.  Advanced healing practices use laser energy to open chakras, remove attitudes, feelings and attachments that cause imbalance or dis-ease.   They are said to hold information about techniques used in healing temples of Lemuria, Atlantis and other planets.  Rubbing fingernail in a downward motion across the notches opens these files for those who are intended to receive this information. Rubbing the fingernail upward across the notches attains closure.  Tabbies can be used to activate other crystals. Holding tabby in dominant hand and rubbing across notches in downward motion while stone to be activated is held in other hand does this.  Those desiring to use laser wands are encouraged to consult a teacher or more advanced sources of knowledge of its use.  All Chakras.


QUARTZ W/GOLD--see Aqua Aura


QUARTZ W/ TANZANITE--Translucent purplish blue.  Combines properties of Quartz with those of Tanzanite.  Stimulates crown chakra to produce visions of, connection with higher spiritual realms.   Produces symmetry of personal power and actualization, brings “will” to manifestation. 5th, 6th, 7th Chakras.

QUARTZ W/RUTILE--Translucent with minimal to maximum amount of golden to dark brown thread-like inclusions of rutile.    Good for balance, repelling negative energy and getting things moving.  Enhances understanding in difficult situations.   Relieves depression and loneliness opening insight into new direction and creativity.  Assists with healing from radiation exposure.  Said to slow aging process.  1st, 3rd, 7th, All Chakras

QUARTZ W/ TOURMALINE-Combines qualities of Tourmaline with those of quartz.  Aids in releasing entrenched patterns that have been destructive in one’s life.  Assists in manifesting strength to ‘stand up to’ and ease distress from unhealthy relationships.  Enhances problem solving atmosphere.  1st, 7th, All Chakras.  
QUARTZITE--Semi-translucent white, sometimes called Snow Quartz.  Enhances ability to maintain cooperation and tact.  Not considered as efficient as clear quartz in directing energy, but supportive while “learning life’s lessons” by offering insight into unnecessary limitations.    7th Chakra.


RHODOCROSITE--Mottled opaque pink, white, grey.  Neutralizes destructive behavioral patterns that restrict growth and undermine physical health.  Pulsates with electrical energy emitting “love”, the most powerful source of energy in universe.  Excellent healer for all matters of heart-loss, loneliness, abuse, trauma.  Stimulates nervous system, thyroid, strengthens immune system.  4th, 7th Chakras

RHODONITE--Much like Rhodocrosite but with more black inclusions.  Stabilizes emotions, brings order to emotions that seem scattered, unbalanced, ungrounded.  Solidifies emotional foundation.  Brings harmony and encourages healthy response to unhealthy situation.  Gentle yet powerful and loving stone.

ROSE QUARTZ--Clear to cloudy translucent pale to medium pink.  Regular- grade is cloudy translucent pale to medium pink, milkier in appearance than premium.   Premium or ‘gem quality’ considered to have clearer and stronger energy than regular grades often comes from Madagascar.  Aids development of love, forgiveness and compassion, including same directed toward self.  Reduces stress, tension, allows for release of stored anger, jealousy, fear, guilt.  Enhances self-confidence, creativity.  Eases sexual, emotional imbalances, increases fertility. 4TH, All  Chakras.

RUBY--Deep red translucent or opaque.  Connects life force with will to live.  Alleviates physical coldness, weakness, chronic fatigue, blood diseases, low vitality.  For wealth, joy, sexual energy, power.  Enhances and intensifies all emotions.  Used to “speed” prayers to Creator or Source.  Benefits heart and circulatory system, stirs up passion.  Can bring anger or negativity to surface quickly. 1st, 2nd Chakras.

RUBY, STAR-Red violet, exhibits unusual star pattern on polished pieces.  Aids contact with spirit guides, angels, positive extra-terrestrials. Helpful to psychics who spend too much time out of body.  Fosters channeling of automatic writing, connects one to mind grid and earth grid.  6th Chakra 

RUBY W/ZOISITE--Opaque green w/pink rosettes.   Amplifies energy field of body, assists in reaching, utilizing  talents, abilities of mind, stimulates psychic abilities.  Encourages following one’s bliss.   Brings understanding to dream state.  Aids in toxin, chemical elimination.  Brings healing to heart.
4th Chakra.

SAPPHIRE--Translucent clear light to deep blue, also opaque beryl form.   Brings peace and joy while dispelling unwanted thoughts, opening intuition.  Fulfills dreams and aspirations.  Good for depression, inspiration.   Known as stone of “prosperity”.  5th, 6th Chakras.



SERPENTINE--Pale green form of Jade.  Stimulates crown chakra, opens Kundalini pathway, easing energy passage.  Can be used to clear clouded areas of all chakras.  Enhances meditative state.  Assists in clearing disorders in all areas of body, when energy is directed there.  Also called “New Jade”. 4th    All Chakras.

SHELL-- All shell enhances intuition, sensitivity, imagination, promotes clear decision-making, insight into options.  Fosters and promotes co-operation. Used in treatment of hearing disorders, calcium deficiencies, disorders of spinal canal and nervous system.  Stimulates fertility of mind and body Protects against un-cooperative attitudes and actions. Assists in healing broken bones, assimilating Vitamins A and D.  All Chakras

SHELL-ABALONE, sometimes called nacre, is  often used as container in smudging ceremonies bringing continuity and stability.  Revered by ancient tribes of world as magical gift from the sea.  All Chakras.

SHELL, CORAL-See Coral and specific colors.
SHELL-COWRIE is recognized as ancient symbol for creation, birth and rebirth.  Said to inspire excellence, provide intellectual and intuitive control  and a promote aesthetic and artistic adventures.  Stimulates learning and retention, aids in recognition of self as vehicle for understanding.  Said to enhance fertility, treat disorders of reproductive system, aid in assimilation of iodine, Vitamins A and D, calcium and magnesium. 

SMOKEY QUARTZ--Translucent light to dark brown.  Considered the ‘work horse’ of the quartzes.  Dispels negative energy.  Strengthening, grounding, great for past life meditations.  Helps alleviate stress, nightmares, depression.  1st, 7th, All Chakras

SODALITE--Opaque medium to dark blue w/white markings, sometimes mottles.  Calms, clears, grounds.  Balances male/female polarities.  Enhances creative expression, encourages speaking one’s truth.  Opens third eye.  Similar in effect to Lapis Lazuli.  5th, 6th Chakras




TANZANITE--Blue Violet.  Stimulates throat, third eye and crown chakras.  Cleanses emotional body as spiritual levels.  Allows awareness of and choice to live life more consciously, aids in making life choices related to spirituality. 5th, 6th, 7th Chakras.


TIGER EYE, BLUE-Same banding as Golden Tiger Eye.  Enhances confidence, clearness of vision and clarity in communication.  Known as Hawk’s Eye in Native American culture. 5th, All Chakras

TIGER EYE, GOLDEN--Opaque brown with shimmering gold banding.  Synthesizes energies of Sun and Earth offering grounding and centering effect..  Enhances connection with personal power, will and self confidence.  Balances male/female polarities.  Helps soften stubbornness.  Enhances clear perception and insight.  Assists in stimulating and maintaining wealth.  Good mediation stones in working with groups.  Offers sense of “brother/sisterhood” with world at large, Provides sense of comfort for those working in isolation.  3rd, 4th Chakras.

TIGER EYE, RED--Deep red with glistening striation as in Golden Tiger Eye.  Enhances physical vitality, assists in creating healthy lifestyle patterns.    Encourages optimistic outlook.   Helps wearer feel energetic, healthy and passionate.  Relieves anxiety.  2nd, 3rd Chakras

TIGER IRON--Banded composition of Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Hematite.  Pulses strong currents of electricity into body.  Strengthens nerves, immune functions, blood circulation.  Accelerates, enhances all healing functions   Assists in manifestation of dreams, ideas, project.  Helps eliminate survival fears.   Enhances clarity of mind, alertness, strength, courage and willpower.  Physically oriented.  1st, 2nd 3rd Chakras.



TOURMALINE--Color range includes deep pink to red violet, blue, yellow, brown, green, pink, orange black, colorless and multicolored, each color relating primarily to that chakra.   Strengthens body, mind and spirit.  Attracts inspiration and diminishes fear.  Offers balancing of yin-yang energies., aligning mental processes and chakras with ethereal bodies. Qualities of stone are enhanced by structure of terminated wands.  Gentle enough for those with weakened immune systems.  Other properties, chakras vary by color as follows. 

TOURMALINE, BLACK.  Also known as Schorl.  Used to repel and protect against negativity, protecting one from the negativity of another.  Used as an energy deflector, often by those with potential for exposure to excessive amounts of radiation.  Provides increase in physical vitality, emotional stab-ility, intellectual acuity, while dispelling messages of ‘doom and gloom’.  Useful for massage therapist and other healers in constant contact with those releasing negative energies. With Mica used to return ‘spell’ to source while allowing one to view sender.  Stimulates reflex points assoc-iated with lower back. Useful in treatment of arthritis, dyslexia, heart dis-ease, anxiety, disorientation.  Stimulates, balances adrenals. 1st, All Chakras.  

TOURMALINE, BLUE.  Also known as Indicolite.  Used to activate throat chakra and third eye.  Strengthens communication, psychic awareness.  Fosters harmony with environment and sense of service and power of love.  Deep blue shade stimulates third eye, accesses higher levels of intuition.  Used in treatment of lung, throat, larynx, esophagus, thymus       thyroid disorders.   4th, 5th Chakras. 

TOURMALINE, BROWN.  Also called Dravide.  Used to clear aura, stimulate balance and opens pathway to alignment of auric with physical body.  Protective on subtle levels, brings sense of peace to higher-self.  Used for treatment of disorders of intestinal tract. Stimulates plant growth. 

TOURMALINE, CLEAR.  Also known as Achroite.  Aligns energy centers, meridians of physical body optimizing same in ethereal body.  Offers synthesis of healing properties of other colors.  Activates crown chakra, combining forces of all tourmaline properties.  
TOURMALINE, GREEN considered by some to be strongest of all green healing stones, being beneficial to nervous system, brain and immune system.  Stimulates heart chakra, encourages compassion.  Stimulates creativity, communication.  Inspires creativity, to attract success and abundance.  Transforms negative energy to positive without releasing into atmosphere.  Used in treatment of eye disorders, to facilitate weight loss, regenerate the heart, thymus and immune system.  Useful in resolving issues relating to father or other male forces in life.  4th Chakra.

TOURMALINE, PINK.  Also known as Albaite.  Relates to creativity  and newness. Allowing one to trust in love, considered good for emotional and spiritual love, healing loss, emotional pain, fear.  Often given as a gift to someone you hope will love you.  Used to treat disorders of heart, lungs and skin.    

TOURMALINE, RED/RED VIOLET strengthens, grounds, rejuvenates, warms.  Red unites heart and body, for love courage, passion, energy, stamina.  Brings balance, devotion in loving way.  Helps detach from personal pain, release reproductive blocks, stimulate fertility.  Strengthens, detoxifies blood, immune system, ease radiation effects.


TURQUOISE--SOUTHWEST American-opaque blue-green,.  Considered a “master” healer, turquoise is strengthening, grounding and protective.  It brings clarity, tranquility and peace of mind, balances male/female energies, induces wisdom, understanding and psychic powers, absorbs negative energy. 

TURQUOISE--CHINESE AND AFRICAN--dark yellow-green/black mottled.  2nd, 3rd , 4th Chakras 

TRANSVAAL JADE-A variety of grossular (garnet) crystallizes in opaque green masses, usually found in veins.  Used to unite groups, organizations, communities, countries.  Promotes organizational skills, provides insight into unresolved current mystery, allowing one to find the way through the maze.  Used for treatment of vein disorders, problems of heart, dysfunction from trauma, throat irregularities.  5th, 6th Chakras.   

UNAKITE--Mottled, opaque pink and green combination of Epidote, Feldspar and Quartz.  Helps one to focus on present time while dealing with blockages from past.  Assists with release pent up emotions.  Used to treat the reproductive system, stimulate healthy pregnancies called “the stone of childbirth”.  2nd, 3rd, 4th Chakras.








Everything in creation is an expression of Divine Consciousness and Flowing Cosmic Love. 
Whereas plants are givers of divine energy, minerals are holders of divine energy.  Minerals function as libraries and storehouses of information and feeling.  Different minerals retain different sorts of information and magnetic power.
There are specific minerals that correspond to the five  places of energy-----the Akasha (consciousness- penetrating-all), the will,  the mind,  the emotions, and the physical.
The Akashic minerals are the ORES-- Copper, Lead, Silver, Gold, Brass and others function as holders of catalytic and transformational  energy. They are the BLOOD of Earth. 
The holders of spiritual energy. or will. Are QUARTZ crystals.  They amplify and store intentions and will power.  They are the BRAIN of Earth.
The holders of wisdom, or mind energy,  are semi-precious and precious GEMSTONES. They store information.  They are the  INTERNAL ORGANS of Earth.
The holders of emotional energy are SANDS. They store and heal the emotions. They are the SKIN of the Earth
The holders of physical energy are ROCKS and STONES.  They store all the energies of a place. They are the MUSCLES and BONES of Earth

To open and read these “rock books” of the Libraries of Earth, go within to the receptive silence of the void and ask.  Ask to clearly see and  receive the energy stored in minerals.  This way vast amounts of startling and precious information and magnetic power will open to you.
In any place, pick up a stone, and through meditation, access flowing feelings and visual images.  Make your imagination receptive, so that the energetic information going back through the ages, concerning everything that has happened in that place, opens up for you in visual images and flowing feelings.  This information is so vast that making specific limited requests, as in any library or storehouse is recommended. 
The preceding was adapted from [ANGEL] 18 Capricorn, The Angels of Crystals and Stones channeled by Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser.  To view entire copy with Cynthia’s artwork please visit www.spiritussanctus.com 

AGATE is a form of Quartz and relative of the Chalcedony family that includes Bloodstone, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Flint, Jasper and Onyx.   Color range of Agate includes white, grey, brown, black, red, yellow, green moss and variegated variety.  Agate is a stone of persuasion, attraction, harmony that offers encouragement, guards against danger and worldly concerns.  Primarily a physical healer, some of properties related to colors are listed below.  All chakras, depending on colors. 
AGATE, BLACK. or Brazilian is used to enhance strength,  encourages diversity of thought during meditation, provides protective shield and relaxing feeing during astral travel.  Considered a pathway to bridge between two worlds.  Brings temporary relief to painful situations.  Enhances digestion, Balances energies of heart, stabilize pulse, increase circulation. All chakras, primarily 1st thru 4th.   

AGATE, BLUE LACE--Beautiful pale blue with white stripes or circular marking.  Assists those who are shy in coming forward.  Enables those with repressed anger to speak their truth gently.  Aids stress relief, relaxation, peacefulness.  Strengthens gracefulness, inspiration, communication.  5th, 6th, 7th  Chakras

AGATE, BOTSWANA--Peach, purplish grey, white w/circular ovoids appearing as bands.  Often chosen for ‘pictures’ seen.  Stimulates crown chakra, energizes auric body, allows recognition that love is constant in ever changing universe.  Heals heartache and heart pain layer by layer replacing pain with joy.  Encourages attention to detail, facilitates recognition to complete picture regardless of distortion.   Eases depression, relieves stress.  Treats disorders of nervous system, assists body in removal of toxins on physical, emotional, intellectual levels.  1st, 4th, 7th Chakras.  


AGATE, CRAZY LACE--Swirled patterns of Yellow, Red, Brownish Black, White.   Strong healer of physical body, balancing. Brings spiritual energy into earth plane.  Clears hara line of energy blockages.  Stabilizes and grounds while elevating awareness.  Helps one to center, focus.  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th Chakras.
AGATE, GREEN MOSS--Translucent to opaque with mossy inclusions.  For physical healing, growth, balancing of blood sugar, enhancing self-esteem.  Good negotiators stone as lends agreeability, persuasiveness, strength to endeavors, enhances self confidence.  Said to aid acquisition on wealth, speed. Used in treatment of eyes, ameliorates fungal infections, stimulates digestion,  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th Chakras.

AMAZONITE--Light aqua with white swirls, sometimes inclusions of red hematite.  Soothes, calms nervous system, Strengthens heart and physical body.  Aligns mental and etheric bodies.  Brings joy to creativity. Assists in seeing harmful tendencies, releasing old patterns.  Considered a good stone for artists, writers, musicians, public speakers. 3rd, 4th, 5th Chakras

AMBER--Pale yellow to dark brown color, clear to cloudy sometimes with inclusions of plant, insect matter.  Powerful physical healer, transmutes energy from negative to positive leaving a warm refreshed and strengthened feeling.  Assists in manifestation and bringing dreams to reality.  Considered a fossil, see notes on Fossils.  1st, 2nd, 3rd, All Chakras.

AMETHYST--Translucent pale lavender to deep purple found in crystals, masses and druzy form.  Opens, activates crown chakra.  Balances mental, physical, emotional energies while dealing simultaneously with physical and spiritual world. Directing love to the structure of amethyst increases the magnitude of energy sent and returned.  Returns one to state of stability, strength,  invigoration, perfect peace know before birth.  Represents complete metamorphosis.  Considered good for business,  debating by clearing unproductive vibrations.  Used in treatment of hearing disorders, endocrine and  nervous systems, digestive tract, heart,  stomach, skin and teeth as well as addictions, nightmares, insomnia, headaches and other painful conditions.  Used as an elixir for arthritis.  Great for meditation and stress relief.  6th, 7th, All Chakras.

AMETHYST, ELESTIAL--Combines the properties of Amethyst (bridge between physical and spiritual) with Elestial properties.  Elestials exhibit a covering of natural terminations over the entire surface of mineral giving them an etched or layered look.  Considered personal stone stones, elestials are most commonly used for ones’ own spiritual growth and karmic issues.  They facilitate recognizing  and understanding the lessons involved in letting go of past karma.  Allow one to accomplish in this lifetime what is needed to not repeat those lessons.  Often used to diminishes vertigo and symptoms associated with physical imbalances.  When used in meditation, can induce the effect of ‘going to the movies’ in looking into past and possible future. 6th, 7th, All Chakras.   


AMETRINE--Combines properties of Amethyst and Citrine.  Enhances equilibrium and connection of physical form and state of perfection.  Dispels negativity filling voids with the energizing and stabilizing force of pure light energy. Penetrates and releases blocks in physical, mental, emotional, auric bodies, providing insight into necessity of cooperation and interaction.  3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, All Chakras.


APATITE--Crystallizes as prismatic crystals or masses.  Colors include yellow, white, olive green, deep bluish green,  purple, brown.  Aids clairvoyance, assists in past life regression.  Helps eliminate blockage of, congestion in chakras.  Dissolves negativity, eases  hypertension.  Attuned to healing, storing information, communication, teaching efforts.  Assists in attaining.  Balances yin-yang, Kundalini energies. Apatite enhances creativity, deep level of meditative state.  Wearing or carrying or using as an elixir, suppresses appetite.  On physical level can be used for healing glandular, meridian and organ systems.  All Chakras depending on color.  BLUE and GREEN 1st, 2nd, 3rd Chakras.  YELLOW 3rd Chakra

APOPHYLLITE-Crystallizes in pseudo-cubic, masses, pyramid, druzy form.  Usually found in green, pale blue, white and clear form.  Creates conscious connection between physical and spiritual.  Allows recognition and acting upon truth.  Enhances analysis tinged with love and awareness of state of perfection.  Facilitates astral travel, allowing one to remain conscious, communicating with spirit world and accessing past life information.  Natural clear crystals are often used to open third eye and facilitate.  Green  often used to activate the heart chakra.  Two clear crystals can be used on eyes, with base of pyramid placed on eyelids.   4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Chakras.

AQUA AURA--Translucent iridescent blue sheen on clear quartz.  Combines properties of Quartz and Gold.   Used for cleansing and soothing the aura, Aqua Aura activates all chakras, releasing negativity, as well as activates energy of other minerals for healing.  Purifies, energizes physical body.  Balances, develops heart chakra.  Attracts positive energy, amplifies thought forms.  Melody notes that this combination quartz can be dynamic and calls it a “Master Healer”.  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Chakras. 

AQUAMARINE--Very pale to deep sea blue-green beryl, translucent to cloudy.  Said to be brought by the angels, aids sensitives and mystics.  Calms fears, eases transitions into unsettled environments. Comforts during times of karmic release.  Shields and protects.  Encourages development of compassion, non-judgment  and tolerance.  Facilitates communications with others and inner self.  Stimulates, activates, cleanses throat chakra.  Used in treatment of swollen glands.  Excellent for improving vision, maintenance of teeth and bone formation.  4th, 5th, 6th Chakras

ARAGONITE--Usually seen in form of brownish orange beryls.  Also found in white, yellow, green, blue variations.  Opens heart and mind, aids in patience, centering, uplifting emotions.  Provides for ease in centering, alleviating stress and anger.  Assists in maintaining comfort and acceptance while dealing with abundance of  responsibilities.  Enhances reliability and practicality.  Combats chills, brings warmth to extremities.  4th, 5th, 6th Chakras.



AVENTURINE, GREEN--Opaque medium green, sometimes with reddish hematite or mica content,   All-purpose healer, it protects heart, initiates deep healing of physical body and organs.  Heals, soothes emotional pain.  Helps resolve and heal past hurts, angers on deep emotional level.  Reinforces decisiveness, amplifies leadership qualities.  In medicine wheel ceremonies, is held at heart of each participant.  Used in treatment of lungs, heart, adrenal glands, muscular system. 4th Chakra.

AVENTURINE, PEACH--Opaque creamy peach.  Manifests new life or art on earth plane.  Stimulates creativity of mothers, visual and other artists.  Sustains creativity, fertility from conception to birth.  Encourages playful sexuality, encourages  conception.  2nd, 3rd Chakras

AZURITE--Light to deep bright blue, sometimes with mica chips.  Aligns chakras and attunes nervous system.  Facilitates astral travel and contact with guides. Enhances connection to Goddess or All That Is energy while retaining individuality.  Offers guidance through third eye.  Encourages creativity, clear thinking, decisiveness, verbalization. of truth.   Relieves depression, calms anger.  Helps dissolve barriers.  Assists in attaining deep levels of relaxation during meditation. Excellent in use as pendulum.  Used in treatment of spinal, vertebrae, rib cage alignment..  5,th, 6th,7th Chakras.

AZURITE-MALACHITE-displays characteristics of both Azurite and Malachite.  In addition encourages emotional breakthrough, inner transformation.  Connects mind and emotions.  Promotes willingness to be flexible.  Dispels egocentric tendencies, conceit, arrogance, while connecting one to ‘all that is’. Calms anxiety, relieves stress.  Used to treat disorders of skin, bones, teeth, circulatory system, balance excretory organs.
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Chakras.
BARITE-Colors include colorless, blue, white, grey, yellow, brown, brownish rose.  Crystallizes as tabbies, aggregates, platelets, fibrous masses and stalactites.  Desert Rose is a pinkish brown barite concretion, said to be formed by Native American warriors by turning to spirit at night in this form to hide selves.  Energy of roses used to used to enhance love, facilitate clandestine meetings, stimulate teamwork.  It’s message is one of changing ancient hatred to love.  Barite stimulates and cleanses throat chakra, renews intuitive energies. All barite stimulates incentive to go for dreams without restraint.  It initiates independence and motivation while enhancing friendship, harmony, love and insight into relationships.  Allows release of trapped emotion.  Used for removal of toxins, to stimulate vision, assist in recovery of addiction, soothes the nervous system.  Good for those who are scattered.  5th, other Chakras depending on color.


BLOODSTONE--Translucent or opaque green with red splashes. Pulses strong currents of electricity into body.  Strengthens nerves, immune functions, blood circulation.  Accelerates, enhances all healing functions   Assists in manifestation of dreams, ideas, project.  Helps eliminate survival fears.   Enhances clarity of mind, alertness, strength, courage and willpower.  Renews, revitalizes physical, emotional, spiritual aspects of  love relationships and  friendships.  Used for treatment of spleen,  purifying blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines and liver. 1st, 2nd 3rd Chakras.

BOJI STONES--Blackish brown concretion of primarily pyrite and small amount of palladium found naturally in flattened spherical shape.  Some exhibit a rainbow crystallization. Each stone found in either small smooth pattern considered ‘female’ or larger uneven pattern considered ‘male’. Although some are considered androgynous, they are usually used in pairs.  Bojis align subtle bodies and align and balance chakras.  Clean, charge and fill voids in auras.  Using on an everyday basis and allowing energy to permeate one’s energy field provides continuous balancing of energy.  Used to balance  acupuncture and acupressure meridians and remove energy blockages, relieve discomfort in painful areas.  Presence of palladium provides boost to  restoration to health.  1st Chakra. 

CALCITE--Translucent Blue, Honey/Golden, Green, Gold, Orange, Optical, Red found in masses, grains, stalactites and rhombohedrons.  An energy amplifier, its’ effects are multi-dimensional Balances male/female polarities, dispels fear, alleviates stress, grounds excess energy, assists in organization. Teacher of humanity, reminds one to appreciate forces of nature.  Used at chakra appropriate for color provides sweeping action that clears all chakras.  See individual colors.  

CALCITE, BLUE--Semi-translucent blue w/white striation.  Soothes throat,  enhances communication, expressing creativity, clears past life traumas.  Supports peaceful assertiveness, brings quite within.  5th All Chakras

CALCITE, GREEN-Brings flow of light through diaphragm to wash and clear it. Speeds clearing of negativity from emotional body.  Detoxifies meridians on emotional and physical levels.  4th, All Chakras

CALCITE, HONEY/GOLDEN--Assists in re-membering natural state of perfection that allows release of dis-ease.  Fosters humanitarian worldview and appreciation of creative forces of nature. 7th, 4th, All Chakras.  

CALCITE, OPTICAL--Often called Dog Tooth or Iceland Spar has property of double refraction.  Used for cleansing, clearing outer bodies.  Opens, focuses vision chakras both physical, psychic.  Aid concentration, neurological imbalances, misalignments.   Acts as psychic surgery tool for opening aura, clearing energy blocks.  Assists with communication in difficult situations.  6th, 7th Chakras.

CALCITE, ORANGE-Clears negative karmic patterns and behaviors resulting from past life abuse. Soothes, heals past life issues dealing with sexual abuse and battering in both past and present lifetime.  2nd, 3rd Chakras



CARNELIAN--Translucent orange to reddish brown. Contain properties of both Agate and Chalcedony.  Pulses strong currents of electricity into body.  Strengthens nerves, immune functions, blood circulation.  Accelerates, enhances all healing functions   Assists in manifestation of dreams, ideas, projects.  Helps eliminate survival fears.   Enhances clarity of mind, alertness, strength, courage and willpower.  Encourages love between parents and children, often called the ‘Ohana’ stone.  Physically oriented.  1st, 2nd 3rd Chakras.  

CELESTITE--Translucent in color range of light blue, white, yellow, orange, red and red-brown found in nodules, masses, tabular crystals.  Stabilizes yin-yang energies, balances outside forces.  Provides access to angelic   realms.  Offers fluency in communication, promotes pleasant disposition.  Offers clarity in distinguishing between manifestation that is worldly and that which furthers one’s development.  Good stone for astral travel and dream recall.  Excellent healing stone transmuting pain and chaos into light and love.   Enhances ability to flow with life.  Makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift.  Excellent stone for those who work with delicate aspects of art, music.  Used in treatment of eyes, hearing, mental imbalance, elimination of negativity and toxicity,  Ameliorates digestive and intestinal disorders.  3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Chakras

CHALCOPYRITE--Metallic yellow sometime with green or iridescent tarnish. Sometimes found with copper or zinc.  Opens crown chakra, cleansing and activating at same time.  Promotes awareness of inner abundance and recognition that all abundance comes from within.  Fosters financial and material security while encouraging gratitude and non-materialism.  Used to incite movement of chi in acupuncture, acupressure treatments.  Used in treatment of lungs and bronchitis.  Assists in RNA/DNA damage and repair of same.  3rd, other Chakras depending on colors


CHAROITE--Opaque pinkish purple, sometimes with black manganese and quartz inclusions.  Found in masses and as druse on host mineral.  Synthesizes energies between heart and crown chakras.   Combines higher spiritual dimensions with unconditional love.   Cleanses auric body, filling chakras with loving energy and understanding of self appointed lessons.  Allows flexibility of letting go when necessary.  A stone of transformation, that encourages moving forward while aligning physical body with perfect self.  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Chakras. 

CHRYSOCOLLA--Colors include green, blues, combinations, also black.  Brown. In gemmy quartz infused state called Gem Silica.  Assists regeneration of pancreas, production of insulin, balance blood sugar.  Good for conditions of lungs as it re-oxygenates lung offering greater lung capacity.  Used to treat muscles and cramps.   Revitalizes, calms root, navel, solar plexus chakras.  At heart chakra eases emotional heartache offering balance and increased ability to love.  At throat chakra strengthens, balances expression, communication.  Connects one with visionary experiences when used at third eye.   Allow connection to earth with understanding that there is more to life than materiality Purifies home, eliminates negativity.  Stimulates crown chakra allowing connection of body to ethereal state offering insight into what is necessary for physical healing.  3rd, 4th, 5th, All chakras

CHRYSOPRASE--Beautiful translucent apple green type of Chalcedony.  Balances yin-yang energies with ethereal plane and balances chakras.   Opens, energizes, heart chakra bringing energy needed to physical body.  Helps to heal broken heart enabling one to understand growth pattern, encourages deep meditative state .  Instills sense of grace offering  sense of compassion for self and others.  Encourages fidelity in business, personal affairs.  Used to treat reproductive organs, infertility.  2nd, 3rd, 4th Chakras

CINNABAR--Opaque deep red, brown red, grey forms in masses or tabular or needlelike crystals.  Bestows an elegant demeanor while stimulating dignity, vitality and power. Called a merchant’s stone, said to increasing, maintaining wealth.  Promotes fluency, persuasiveness while eliminating aggression.  Used in treatments of disorders of blood, bringing strength to physical body, aids in treatment of weight disorders.  1st Chakra.  

CITRINE--Translucent pale yellow to golden and root beer color.  Heals, opens, detoxifies, clears, protects emotional, mental, physical bodies.  Fills aura with light and clarity.  Promotes alignment with higher self. Raises self esteem. Encourages lightheartedness, self confidence, optimism, diminishes self-destructive tendencies. Assists in attracting, maintaining wealth. Transmutes energy from negative to positive. Never needs clearing. 3rd, 7th, All Chakras. 


COPPER--Metallic copper color, forms in dendrites, free forms, plates, rhombic crystals.  Opens, activates base and sacral chakras.  Provides harmonic connection between physical and astral bodies, aligns subtle bodies.  Used to amplify and transmit thought, said to bring benefit to user, especially in recovery of property.  Conducts electrical impulses and magnifies energy transfer from healer or from minerals to one being healed.  Used to stabilize, balance flow of blood within body.  Used to cleanse wounds, fight bacterial infection.  Used in treatment of arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, stimulate metabolism. 1st, 2nd, 7th Chakras.

CORAL.-- Found in colors of black, pink, red, white and blue. From the ocean, coral is or was once the home of a living animal.  It is not accepted as environmentally responsible to take live coral from it’s home.  Washed up along the shore is considered to have be given back from the sea and should be honored as any gift would be.  Said to quiet the emotions and bring peace within, it facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization and  fosters communication with past spiritual masters.  Used to strengthen the circulatory system and bones, it is also used to stimulate tissue regeneration and to nourish blood cells.  Specific colors have additional properties

CORAL, BLACK--When worn used to absorb and transform negativity, dispel fears, bring hidden information to forefront.  Used to treat internal organ disorders, the skin and pores and elimination of toxins.  1st Chakra

CORAL, BLUE--Activates, energizes throat chakra, clear navel chakra.  Used to illuminate third eye, enhance psychic awareness.  Calms, stabilizes fear, anxiety.  Assists adults in learning to play with children.  5th, 6th Chakras.

CORAL, PINK--Stimulates, activates heart chakra, encourages intuitive aspects of love.  Supports pregnancy, birth and new infant.  Eases morning sickness, fear of delivery, alleviates postpartum depression.  Helps infant adjust to new lifetime,  eases colic,  Used in treatment of disorders of heart, breasts, stomach, reproductive organs.  2nd, 4th Chakras

CORAL, RED--Opens, activates base chakra, stimulates energetic pursuit of goals.  Protects one from depression, despondency.  Aids conception, pregnancy, heals ovaries, fallopian tubes, draws infant to karmically chosen mother, aids in adoption process.  Heals adult inner child and adults adopted as children. Used in treatment of kidneys, bladder.  2nd Chakra.

CORAL, WHITE--Opens, clears crown chakra and aligns major chakras with ethereal energies.  Dissipates energy blockages and fills voids in aura.  Stimulates clairaudience, brings forth information helpful to humanity.  Assists in cellular regeneration of brain and olfactory system.  7th Chakra
DANBURITE--Color range includes clear, yellow-white, yellow-brown, pale and dark wine-yellow, pink.  Forms in prismatic ‘tabular’ crystals resembling topaz.  Opens galactic chakras, connects one to light grid and light Body.  Reinforces ability to see beyond Earth plane.  Encourages allowing one’s light to shine, allows maintaining one’s identity while flowing in a structured world.  Pink opens heart chakra, brings self-love to user.  Gently allows blossoming at one’s own pace.  Intensifies, purifies, magnifies healing properties of other stones, healing modalities.  4th, 6th, 7th Chakras.


DIOPTASE-Emerald green in masses, prismatic crystals and crystalline aggregates.  Clears and stimulates all chakras to higher level of awareness, action bringing fresh energy to physical, emotional, mental bodies.  Heals heart scars by opening, energizing heart chakra, bringing loving energies to physical body. Balances yin/yang energies, Enhances clarity of connection between physical and ethereal bodies.  Used over third eye assists in seeing root of problem.  Brings awareness of past lives into present.  Eliminates oppressive feelings and encourages living to ones fullest potential.  Produces calming energy that desensitizes body and mind when needed.  Used to relieve pain, is excellent when used for headache, migraines, pain from surgery.  Also used to relieve high blood pressure, release stress, tension, alleviate dizziness.  Used in treatment of Agent Orange and to increase T-cell count in AIDS patients.   Beautiful and inexpensive, can self destruct during intense healings.  3rd, 4th, 5th Chakras.

DRAVIDE-See Brown Tourmaline.


EMERALD--A beryl, the prismatic crystals can be from opaque to translucent emerald green.  Used to open, activate, stimulate heart chakra while quieting emotions. Brings harmony to all areas of life. Enhances mental activity and stimulates greater mental capacity.  Instills sensitivity and loyalty within self and others.  Helps to eliminate negativity and bring forth positive action required to remain centered in one’s life work. Affects spine, lungs, heart, muscular system.  3rd, 4th, 5th chakras.


FLUORITE,  Found in masses, grains, columns, cubes, octahedral and rhombdodecahedral crystals. Colors include from pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, magenta, red, black, and colorless and combinations.  In general, fluorite discourages chaos and disruption.  It stabilizes and produces order within mental, physical, emotional, spiritual systems.  Imparts impartiality and unbiased in situations where objectivity is beneficial.  Facilitates exploration as well as ability to concentrate.   Allows recognition of perfection of universe.  Useful in treatment of colds, flu, staph, strep, canker, herpes, ulcer and similar infections and those working with those affected by same.  Used to soften, allow easier flow on energy between chakras. Enhanced properties by color, associated chakras


FLUORITE, CLEAR-Used to stimulate crown chakra, energize aura and align chakras.  Opens pathways between universal and physical body, facilitating energy transmission during healing.  Useful for clearing, stimulating better eyesight.,  7th, All Chakras.


FLUORITE, GREEN--Translucent light green.  Cleansing, diminishes trauma to chakras, eliminates negativity within environment.  Useful in treatment stomach disorders, also colitis, heartburn, sore throat, similar ailments when used as an elixir following proper guidelines. 3rd, 4th Chakras.


FLUORITE, PURPLE--Clears brow, throat chakras, provides for unification of all chakras.  Stimulates clarity of responsiveness in self-expression.   Awakens one to the perfection of self.  Enhances feelings of serenity.  Balances yin-yang energies.  Placed over third eye aids insight into dream forces working to provide counsel during altered states. 5th, 6th Chakras.

FLUORITE, RAINBOW- combines properties of Purple, Green and Clear. Connects heart chakra with crown chakra bringing light into chakras, bringing spiritual information on subconscious  level to release past trauma and reprogram wholeness, peacefulness.  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th  Chakras

FOSSIL--Preserved remnant of past, many are organic matter turned to stone.  In some cases they are minerals such as quartz, calcite, opal, pyrite, agate, jasper that has infiltrated empty cellular spaces of wood or bone.  Fossilized objects include bone, shell, insects, animals, fish, impressions left by plants or animals.  Brings ancient earth awareness, knowledge of it’s strength.  Promotes grounding, serenity, peaceful aging, inner strength, endurance.  Helps one to dispense of old programming and be open to new ideas.  Used for stimulation of thymus and in treatment of skeletal system and hands and feet.  1st Chakra.

GARNET--Deep red, translucent to opaque.  Found in many forms of masses, crystals.  Speeds manifestation by enhancing creativity.  Monitors flow of energy to psychic centers balancing physical, emotional and spiritual powers.  Amplifies emotional, intellectual regeneration. Offers a protective and calming vitality during use. Brings order to chaos.  Cleansing, purifying, stimulating to circulatory system.  Used in treatment of spine, bones, cellular structure, heart, lungs.   1st, 2nd, 4th Chakras.
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Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & InformationHeart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & InformationHeart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
Heart of Maui HealingThruHeart, The Best Resource For Andara, Healing Crystals, & Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals & Information
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